A dish that keeps a diabetic healthy. Take it daily

Many diabetics suffer from randomly high or low blood sugar levels, especially after eating, is there a diet that protects against this sudden drop/rise of sugar, which can cause several problems, whether in the heart, arteries, or digestive tract.

The importance of diabetes patient’s keenness to eat the salad dish, which contains 5 colors, the most important of which are:

Green in watercress, cucumber, green pepper.
Orange on the islands.
Red in tomatoes, red peppers and beets.
Yellow found in yellow peppers and lemons.
White in radish, lettuce, cabbage

Eating these vitamin and mineral-rich vegetables helps boost the strength of your immune system, as well as protecting the patient from digestive disorders and improving bowel and colon mobility such as diarrhea or constipation, especially since diabetes affects digestive movement and therefore the movement is slower and irregular.

Fiber found in the vegetables that make up the salad dish slows down the absorption of fat in the blood and thus protects the patient from high cholesterol levels, in addition to slowing the absorption of sugar in the blood and thus protecting the patient from disorder of his blood level, and therefore when eating the salad dish with any meal the blood sugar level is maintained, which helps to prevent it from sudden high or low sugar, which is common in diabetics after Meals.

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